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Earlier this month, Surrey Stingers competed in the first ever BUCS Flag Football event in collaboration with LUSL and the UK Dukes and they finished in third place overall to claim the bronze medal.

Flag Football is the fastest growing format of American Football across the world. It offers a faster paced, more acrobatic and contact free format of the game.

With only two Stingers players who had ever played Flag Football before, Stingers put up a very solid performance to earn the number-two seed going into the play-off bracket before sealing their third-placed finish.

Stingers now hope to see more Flag Football events and even a BUCS league in the calendar during the coming years.

Stingers player and Head Coach Elliot Lampard commented: “I couldn’t be more proud of the guys. Coming here, having never played before, and walking away with 3rd place is an excellent start. A heartbreaking one-score loss in the semis just means we’ve got more work to do for next year”.

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