Based on feedback from you, our Surrey Moves users, we’ve decided to switch to an app-based platform that’s more dynamic and user friendly.

Although we’ve had to delay our launch date of the new app due to the current circumstances, we’re working hard to bring this to you as soon as possible and we’re very excited about it! You can read our full statement here

We understand that you probably have some questions around what happens now, so we’ve gathered together a list of FAQs to help you out.


What is Moves+?

SurreyMoves+ is a free to use app for University of Surrey students and staff. An app that tracks your activity, rewards your efforts, encourages a healthy lifestyle and challenges you to reach your goals. Whether you are walking, running, cycling or swimming, you can earn points for keeping active. 

SurreyMoves+ is an activity reward platform, allowing you to earn points by syncing your account to a range of tracking apps and wearables. You can redeem rewards, join challenges and create groups with your friends.

How to I download SurreyMoves+ ?

Download the free SurreyMoves+ app via Apple Store or Google Play and get moving. You just need to search Moves + on your app store – coming late September!

Which tracking apps and wearables are supported by MOVES?

The app supports the following trackers:

  • Apple Health (iOS devices only) *
  • Withings / Health Mate
  • Fitbit
  • Strava
  • Google Fit*

*You can connect a range of other apps to both Apple Health and Google fit which are then synced through this integration. These included:           

  • Garmin Connect (iOS devices only)
  • Nike Run Club
  • Run Keeper

If you want to track all types of activity, you can do easily through connecting Strava to Apple Health or Google Fit and then Apple Health / Google Fit to MOVES.

Step 1. Connect Apple Health (iOS device) or Google Fit (Android) to your MOVES account

Step 3. Connect Strava to Apple Health or Google Fit

Step 4. Log running / cycling through Strava

Step 5. Activity tracked on Strava is sent to Apple Health or Google Fit

Step 6. Activity from Apple Health or Google Fit is sent to MOVES.


How do I connect, reconnect and change trackers?

On sign-up you will be invited to connect a tracker of your choice. If you skip this step you are then able to connect a tracker within the ‘edit profile’ in the app.

To change trackers you must first remove the tracker you have connected. This is done via ‘edit profile’ in the app. Click ‘remove tracker’ then ‘connect tracker’ and follow the steps.

Can I connect more than one tracker?

No. You can only connect with one tracker at a time.

Do I need a fitness tracker app or wearable to collect points?

Yes. You will need to connect at least to a simple step tracker, such as Apple Health, Google Fit or Fitbit

What Activity does MOVES track?

MOVES currently tracks the following activity:

  • Steps Walked
  • Miles Ran
  • Miles Cycled
  • Swimming (Note that not all trackers have the ability to track swimming)


Please note that any static running or cycling done in a gym will not be recorded. You must track these based on distance, through a GPS tracker.

How long do my points last for?

Please refer to our terms of service where this will be detailed.

How do I know which rewards are available?

Usually all rewards visible on the marketplace are available to you. In some cases, the rewards will be out of stock. If so, this will be displayed on the reward itself.

You must have enough points to redeem a reward – those available to redeem will have ‘available’ displayed. Those you cannot redeemed will display ‘you need more points’

How do I redeem a reward?

Please read the terms and conditions of the reward itself, however the platform supports two ways to claim a reward:

  1. Merchant Claim

Follow the instructions, you will be prompted on pressing claim to hand your device to the salesperson you are redeeming the reward. They will confirm receipt of the claim on your device.

  1. Code Claim

On claiming the reward, a unique code will be revealed. Instructions will be given on how to use the code to claim your reward.

What happens if I claim a reward by mistake?

Once a reward is claimed it cannot be undone. The app will always give you a final warning, if you claim by mistake you cannot reclaim your points.

What do I get points for?

You get points for the following three activities

1) Steps walked – for every 100 steps walked you get – 1 point

2) Miles cycled – for every mile cycled you get – 15 points

3) Miles ran – for every mile ran you get – 45 points

How do I view my points?

Points earned and points redeemed are displayed in a graph displayed on your profile. You can see total lifetime points and total points available to use on rewards. The graph will display the last seven days of your activity.

When does activity sync with my MOVES account?

On average your tracking app or wearable will sync with MOVES every 24 hours (at 23.55).

Your activity is converted into points by the MOVES app. The trackers sync at regular intervals with your MOVES account:

Apple Health

When you open the MOVES app, activity will be synced. If you don’t open the app, any points earned will be rolled over, when you open it. This is supported for up to a week (7 days). So, make sure to open your app every day.

The following trackers sync every 6 hours. On opening the MOVES app a sync will be made for any activity completed between the regular sync:

  • Fitbit
  • Google Fit
How do I edit my profile?

Select ‘Edit Profile’ where you can change and edit the following:

  • Your bio
  • Connect/Remove tracker
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Marketing opt-in preferences
  • Hide activity on newsfeed
What badges can I earn on MOVES?

You can unlock the following badges:

  • Mover: When you first log your first activity
  • Spender: When you first redeem a reward
  • Streak:When you log activity for three consecutive days
  • Perfect Week: When you log activity for seven consecutive days
  • Veteran:When you exceed earning 50,000 points
  • Millionaire: When you log 1,000,000 Steps
How do I join a challenge?

You can browse all live and upcoming challenges, but you can only join those that are live. You can click the ‘Join’ button to compete in the challenge.

How do I leave a challenge?

You can leave a challenge by navigating to the challenge page and clicking ‘leave.’

Can I join more than one challenge?

Yes, you can, however you can’t join the same type of challenge. E.g you can’t compete in two ‘step’ challenges concurrently.

If I leave a challenge, will I lose my progress

Yes, if you leave a challenge you will lose your progress.

How do I join a public group?

You can find all active public groups in the social tab. You can be part of the group by clicking ‘Join.’ Public groups are usually themed and have their own specific challenges.

How do I create a private group?

Navigate to the social tab and select ‘private groups.’ Click the ‘+’ button and follow the steps to create a private group.

Can you edit a private group?

Yes, if you are the creator that particular private group. You can invite more friends to join, change the group image and description.

Can I leave a public/private group?

Yes, simply click ‘leave’ within the group. Please note if the group is private the owner will have to invite you again if you wish to join. If you leave a private group, you created it will be deleted

By signing up to SurreyMoves+, you agree to our terms and conditions. You can find our full T&Cs by clicking here