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Second year Sports Scholar, Millie Regan, provides insights into her motivations and aspirations along with her best memories so far at the University of Surrey.

What made you choose the sport and position?

I went to a very sporty Prep school and we were encouraged to try everything that was on offer. I never really enjoyed playing outfield in hockey, so when the opportunity arose to have a go in goal I jumped at the chance. I loved the responsibility of being the last line of defence, and still do, but I also worked out quite early that all the kit kept me a lot warmer than just a gum shield and a pair of shin pads!!

What is your best memory while at the University of Surrey so far?

Our last game of the season last year, a must win game to avoid relegation. We managed to win 4-2 and then the Ladies 1s, Mens 1s and Ladies 2s all got on a coach and headed to Kings to support each other in their last BUCS game of the 2018/2019 season. A real insight into the University of Surrey Hockey Club family. 

Who is your Sporting Idol?

Ireland’s Katie Taylor, a pioneer for women in sport and has lead by example in her commitment and dedication to achieving her ultimate goal. Totally focused on her aim of being the very best their can be in her sport. She is the iconic proof that hard work and dedication really do pay off.

Dual weight World Professional Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, 5 time World Amateur Champion, 6 time European Amateur Champion.

If you could give a piece of advice to your 10 year old self, what would it be?

Keep working hard and your opportunity will come; if the opportunity doesn’t come knocking, build a door!      


What are your sporting aspirations for the next 18 months?

To stay as fit and healthy as I can and having just been selected for the Irish Ladies Senior Indoor Hockey Team attempt to break into the Irish Senior Ladies Outdoor Hockey squad. A very big year ahead for them as they have just qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. No doubt, A huge task to achieve but a massive reward if I can get there.


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