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Welcome to the latest edition of the SurreyMoves+ newsletter!


This publication is the central hub for all SurreyMoves+ information including the latest announcements, new challenges & rewards, and user statistics. Here’s what you’ll find in this month’s edition…

  1. Latest challenges and rewards
  2. Festive Giveaway
  3. October Giveaway winners
  4. A look back at Santa Moves

Remember, if you have any feedback or questions about SurreyMoves+, please do not hesitate to contact us at surreymoves@surrey.ac.uk. We would like to remind users to connect a tracker and ensure this is synced with the app at least once every seven days. This is to ensure that all activity is rewarded with redeemable points.


Take a look at what you can redeem on the app today!


  • Gym pass: Fancy trying out the gym before getting yourself a membership? Or just want a free gym session? Redeem the gym pass now for just 2000 points in the ‘Rewards’ section of the app.

  • Fitness class pass: Redeeming this reward will let you try whichever group exercise class you’d like, just redeem the reward, and fill out the form letting us know which session you’d like to try, and we’ll go ahead a book you on.

  • PlaySport pass: Want to give a new sport a go? Why not try out the PlaySport sessions, we have 12 sports with regular sessions weekly within our programme. Come along and give it a go for free by redeeming this reward.  

  • Stag Hill rewards: Across five different locations on Stag Hill Campus, we have a range of rewards on the Moves+ app. Get yourself a free hot drink from The Hideout, discounts of the lunch menu in Wates house, 50% off soups or salads from Hillside Restaurant or a free bakery item with purchase when at Hillside Coffee. Go to the app to see the full list of rewards available!

  • Charity donations: Remember you can also use your points to give some money to Surrey Sports Park’s charity partners: Oakleaf and The Fountain Centre. We have 2 options on the app to give either £2 or £5!


Our monthly global challenges are a great motivation to keep active and on the move. You can earn some extra points and rewards when you complete these challenges, so make sure you enter one in November!


  • Festive Walk: December marks the start of the festive season, get outside and take in the cold air, layer up and grab a hot drink to keep you warm. Try and reach 120,000 steps throughout the month of December. Regardless of you whether you celebrate or not head over to the rewards tabs of the Moves app and check out the festive giveaway! We have some big prizes to be won.
  • Winter Runner: End the year on a high and challenge yourself to run a total of 20 miles throughout the month of December. With days being darker for longer be sure to avoid wearing the darker colours and pop on those Hi-Vis jackets. Try and run on lit up streets so you can see where you’re going and remember to have fun!
  • December Swim: Jump into the pool this month and swim a total of 2500 meters. Swimming is a great way to build up your cardiovascular endurance providing a huge number of benefits physically. As you begin to train and build up your fitness level, you’ll start to see the changes.

We have a new Festive Giveaway still live on the Moves+ app and you have until Tuesday 20th December to enter! Here’s the full list of prizes that could be won:  

  • 3-month Surrey Sports Park Gold Membership
  • Fitbit Versa 4
  • KitKabin Activewear Bundle
  • Earbuds
  • Speakers
  • Stationary Bundles

Remember you can enter into as many prize draws as many times as you’d like! Head over to the app to enter now and winners will be announced on Wednesday 21st December.


There were some big winners following the last SurreyMoves+ Giveaway in October. Here’s a look at who won the prizes and what some of them had to say!



PRIZE: Fitbit Versa 4

Heidi said…

“I’ve loved using SurreyMoves over the past few years- I find it helps add a sense of community to activities across the university and gives that extra motivation, especially during the winter months. As a Mental Health Social Worker, I see every day how important physical movement is for mental wellbeing and so to win the prize for the World Mental Health Day Challenge felt extra special!

“On a personal note, physical activity has kept me going mentally in recent years through some very challenging times when going through breast cancer treatment and knee surgery and I’m definitely an advocate for doing what exercise you can when you can! The benefits from structure and social contact it can provide feels unquantifiable.”


PRIZE: Big Gym Starter Pack

Jennifer said…

“As staff I’ve been using Surrey moves for a while. I decided to start running Jan 2020 doing couch to 5K and after a shaky start I now run 6-7km regularly with a ladies group & have done a couple of 10km events, all of which has helped to increase my surrey moves points to swap for rewards and enter the prize draws. I was thrilled to win my first ever prize especially as it came just a few days before my birthday, and I had running trainers on my Wishlist.”


PRIZE: £75 voucher

Samantha said…

“My friends and I use SurreyMoves+ to enter challenges together and take part in events. The app syncs straight to my smartwatch, so I don’t even have to think about logging points. It’s helped me to find out about events like the Colour Run and Santa Run, and then you can claim rewards for partaking too! You can donate your points to charity, get discounted food and drinks, free sports classes, and more. I am constantly having cheap or free coffee on campus thanks to the app. The app’s a fun way to connect with friends and is a must have for staff or students!”

  • Molly Hodges (Big Gym Starter Pack): “I really enjoy using SurreyMoves+. It is a great way to gain that extra bit of motivation. I love getting a discount on my morning coffee or being able to enter a giveaway.”
  • Amelia Stubbs (Big Gym Starter Pack): “I love the SurreyMoves+ app. There are so many rewards to choose from and I am super chuffed to have won in the October Giveaway.”
  • Maddie Gray (£75 voucher): “I found out about SurreyMoves+ because my sister told me about the app as she used it at her Uni and said it’s an easy way to get discount on stuff. It really is an easy way to get a discount with a good chances to win prizes and a good way to encourage you to walk more”
  • Callum Daniel (Speakers): “SurreyMoves+ gives an excuse to walk everywhere with actually achievable prizes.”
  • Jack Bonnett (Speakers): “I walk everywhere at Uni anyway as it’s practical and good for fitness, so it’s nice to have a reward system for this as an added bonus and a bit of encouragement. I downloaded the app a few months ago and saw my points add up fast. There’s a lot of choice where to spend them and I chose the Giveaway on the off chance that this happened.”
  • Malikai Dixon (Earbuds): “I started using SurreyMoves+ last year after a friend told me about it. It’s simple to set up and there are no strings attached. It’s nice to get chances to win prizes for just keeping active day to day. I’m always recommending it to people!”
  • Francesca Culloty (Swim Starter Pack): “I have enjoyed using Surrey Moves throughout my years at university. It lets me keep track of my steps and encourage me to try new exercises. It’s a rewarding platform that I think everyone should consider taking advantage of.”

The annual Santa Moves Run took place on Sunday 4th December where students and staff dressed up in Santa suits to run a 2km course which started outside The Hideout and led them around Stag Hill Campus.

Upon finishing the Fun Run each of the Santa’s were rewarded with a free Hot Chocolate and Mince Pie (what a treat!). We were joined by some furry, four-legged friends as well as a decorated mini Christmas tree for the run!

Despite the icy cold weather, the day was a lot of fun. Keep an eye out for the Santa Run next where it’ll be bigger and better than ever.