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Surrey Jiu Jitsu’s Keshav Chudasama produced a superb performance to take home the gold medal in the BUCS Men’s Individual Competition at the Atemi Nationals 2022.

The Nationals took place in Sheffield in late November and it represents the biggest event of the year for the Jiu Jitsu club as it is their only BUCS event.

They took part in two packed days of training and competition, both within their grade groups and, for the highest grade students from across the country, the BUCS open.

Chudasama performed better than both a blue belt and a sensei – who are 3 and 4 grades above him – to take home a hugely impressive gold medal in the BUCS Open event.

He also achieved a silver medal in his grade competition to cap off a triumphant weekend which was a number of years in the making for the Surrey student.

Keshav said: “I’d been training for a few years to get to this moment, working through ups, downs and injuries along the way. I’m just happy that my club were beside me, and with a stroke of birthday luck was able to finally see the fruits of my labour.”

Congratulations to Keshav for this incredible achievement and we look forward to seeing him on the mat again soon!

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