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The sun is shining, the air is crisp and it’s another beautiful BUCS Wednesday!

Why not come over to Surrey Sports Park and support your teams as they play to win in their home games! Full home fixture list below:

Fencing (M1) Hertfordshire 1s Arena C 13:00
Squash (W1) Imperial 1s Squash Courts 3&4 13:00
Squash (W2) King’s 1s Squash Courts 5&6 13:00
Table Tennis (M1) Sussex 2s Studio B 13:00
Tennis (W1) Roehampton 1s Courts 1 – 8 13:00
Volleyball (W2) Brunel 2s Arena B 13:00
Football (M2) Brighton 3s Grass 13:30
Football (M3) Bucks New 2s Grass 13:30
Netball (1) Hertfordshire 2s Arena A 14:00
Rugby Union (M1) Brunel 1s Grass 14:00
Rugby Union (M3) LSE 2s Grass 14:00
Squash (M4) Brunel 2s Squash Courts 1&2 14:00
Tennis (M2) Reading 2s Courts 1 – 8 14:00
Hockey (M1) Reading 1s AGP2 15:00
Lacrosse (M1) Portsmouth 1s AGP1 15:00
Squash (M3) Essex 3s Squash Courts 3-6 15:00
Badminton (M3) Sussex 1s Arena B 16:00
Badminton (M1) Brighton 1s Arena A 16:30