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It’s Varsity month!

We’re now just three weeks away from the big day, and the Stags are gearing up to reclaim the silverware for a third successive year.

With many teams away this week, we’re limited on fixtures today, but we still want to see as many of you as possible down at Surrey Sports Park.


Badminton M1 Queen Mary’s Arena B 13:00
Fencing M2 Reading Arena A 13:00
Volleyball M1 Holloway Arena C 13:00
Rugby Union M1 Brunel Grass 14:00
Football M1 East London Grass 14:00
Badminton M3 Middlesex Arena B 15:00
Tennis W2 Royal Vet Tennis Courts 15:00
Netball 3 Holloway Arena A 16:00
Badminton W1 Kings College Arena B 17:00