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Head down to SSP to show your support for our clubs playing at home this afternoon!


Badminton W2 St Mary’s 1s Arena B 13:00
Hockey W3 Roehampton 1s AGP2 13:00
Lacrosse W1 Brunel 1s AGP1 13:00
Netball 4 Reading 3s Arena C 13:00
Squash M1 Oxford 1s Squash Courts 13:00
Table Tennis M2 Hertfordshire 1s Studio B 13:00
Tennis M1 King’s 1s Tennis Courts 13:00
Football M3 Imperial 3s 14:00
Football M5 Essex 5s 14:00
Squash W3 Reading 1s Squash Courts 14:00
Badminton M1 Chichester 1s Arena B 15:00
Basketball W1 King’s 1s Arena A 15:00
Hockey M1 Canterbury CC 1s AGP2 15:00
Ultimate M1 Sussex 1s AGP1 15:00
Futsal Kingston 1s 16:00
Badminton M2 Brighton 1s Arena B 17:00
Netball 3s Royal Holloway 1s Arena A 17:00
Waterpolo M1 UCL 1s Pool 17:45

See you there 💙💛