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Two weeks ago, our Team Surrey clubs headed to Sheffield for the UK’s biggest University sporting event – BUCS Nationals. 5,000 students, 3 days, and non-stop sport. Here are Surrey’s key highlights:


  • Vlad Badica, 66kg Men Kyu Grades, 5th place  
  • Rebecca Saunders, -63kg Women Kyu Grades, 5th place 
  • Julia Rusek, -57kg Women Kyu Grades, 5th place 
  • Lisa Puiu, +78kg Women Kyu Grades, a hard fought 3rd place but no medal as only 3 in the category 


  • Sports Scholar Alexa Eichelmann narrowly missed out on Qualifying for Shot Putt Finals 


  • George Morris, Men’s Epee (12th out of 106 fencers) 
  • Alice Moffat, Women’s Sabre (10th out of 62 fencers) 
  • Cheryl Kwan, Women’s Sabre Plate (2nd out of 24 fencers) 
  • Timothy Burke, Men’s Sabre Plate (3rd out of 30 fencers) 
  • Baptiste Conan, Men’s Sabre (42nd out of 106 fencers) 
  • Alex Yip, Men’s Sabre (48th out of 106 fencers) 
  • Yee Lok Lau, Women’s Epee (45th out of 71 fencers) 


  • Chris Finch – BRONZE 50 Fly – First Male BUCS Swimming Medal 
  • All relays making A Finals (Men’s and Women’s Medley and Freestyle Relay) 
  • 15 individual A finals and top 10 finishes 
  • 8th overall ranked swim team 


  • Rishan Harry Kanagarajah, Men’s Kumite U60kg- Bronze. 
  • Women’s Team Kumite- Silver (Alicia Cornick, Iona Coleman, Phoebe Hollister & Emma Hawkes) 
  • Tolga Demir- Individual Men’s Kumite Novice U70kg– Gold 
  • Emma HawkesNovice Individual Kata – Bronze, Novice Individual Kumite – Gold. 


Qualifying rounds:

Men’s Singles:

  • Kishin Lee –2nd round
  • Issac Lim – 1st round

Ladies Singles:

  • Jessy Ng – 3rd round

Men’s Doubles:

  • Jack Faulkner/Kishin Lee – 1st round
  • Issac Lim/Leo Wan – 3rd round

Ladies Doubles:

  • Hillary Yip/ Lucia Li – 1st round
  • Elisa Chauhan/Rachel Warren – 2nd round
  • Cherry Ip/Jessy Ng – 2nd round

Mixed Doubles:

  • Jack Faulkner/Klaudia Otoka – 1st round
  • Issac Lim/Cherry Ip – 2nd round
  • Leo Wan/Lucia Li – 2nd round.

Congratulations to everyone who competed 💙💛

 Write up by Amber Main.