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Team Surrey clubs will be competing in BUCS Wednesday action at Surrey Sports Park tomorrow for the first time since March 2020.

There will be a total of 18 matches taking place at SSP tomorrow while a number of teams will also be travelling to compete, with there being 22 away matches taking place over the course of the afternoon.

Here’s a look at tomorrow’s HOME matches at Surrey Sports Park:


Here’s a summary of the AWAY matches…

Badminton Men’s 3s v Kingston Men’s 1s

Badminton Women’s 1s v City Women’s 1s

Badminton Women’s 2s v Sussex Women’s 1s

Basketball Men’s 2s v Imperial Men’s 2s

Basketball Women’s 1s v Imperial Women’s 1s

Football Men’s 1s v Sussex Men’s 1s

Football Men’s 2s v Kingston Men’s 1s

Football Men’s 4s v Roehampton Men’s 1s

Football Women’s 1s v Sussex Women’s 1s

Hockey Men’s 1s v Canterbury CC Men’s 1s

Lacrosse Men’s 1s v Hertfordshire Men’s 1s

Lacrosse Women’s 1s v Sussex Women’s 1s

Netball 1s v Brunel Women’s 1s

Netball 2s v Chichester Women’s 1s

Squash Men’s 4s v LSE Men’s 2s

Squash Women’s 1s v LSE Women’s 1s

Table Tennis Men’s 2s v Imperial Men’s 3s

Table Tennis Women’s 1s v Portsmouth Women’s 1s

Volleyball Women’s 1s v Brunel Women’s 1s

Volleyball Women’s 2s v Royal Holloway Women’s 1s

Water Polo Women’s 1s v Queen Mary Women’s 1s