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Every semester, we ask for feedback from all users of our PlaySport and ClubSport programmes to help identify the focus of our efforts for improvement, and creating our Wall of Commitment.

We would now like to update you on the progress we made during semester one following the feedback from 2021/22, in addition to indicating our focuses during the current semester after feedback from semester one in December.


1. BUCS Officials Review – Yes Ref

You said = That the payment process for officials at BUCS and non-BUCS events was to long which led to issues with retaining officials.

We did = Partnered with the company Yes Ref to pay officials within 24 hours of a fixture.

2. Increasing confidence in the SSP environment

You said = The sports park is a very busy environment and gaining the confidence to try new sports or activities can be a barrier to some students.

We did = Events such as Active Freshers/Refreshers, Female Takeover, DisABILITY Week, Korfball, UV Night, Pickleball and other events have been enhanced or added to the programme. This has positively engaged inactive as well as active students in physical activity and sports at the university.

3. Active Refreshers in semester two

You said = We would like another opportunity in February when semester 2 starts to increase our membership base and provide further opportunities for students to try our sport.

We did = Active Refreshers will now run in February 2023 for the first time and is specifically targeted at those clubs looking to increase their membership within their club.

4. Team Surrey Stories

You said = Clubs would like a more streamlined process to share good news stories about individual students and their club as a whole.

We did = Team Surrey Stories was created and now anybody can access the ‘submit a story’ link on the Team Surrey website, where stories are then published on the website and social media platforms.

5. Sports Leaders Qualifications For Activators

You said = We want more of an incentive to be an activator, and gain some experience that will justify giving up my time to volunteer each week.

We did = We have 20 activators currently enrolled on the Sports Leadership qualifications to provide more support to their development as an activator and contribute towards their experience in the work place.

6. Transport Committee

You said = Organisation and planning surrounding the BUCS Wednesday and off-site sport transport needed to improve, as additional stress was being placed on club committee members on the day of an event.

We did = A transport committee was formed across the students union and surrey sports park to meet on a regular basis to ensure that the needs of clubs are met. Investment in some new minibuses and part-time union staff to support the transport requests was another step towards improving the provision.

7. Committee Review & Staff-Student Expectations

You said = Whilst Team Surrey can’t control the voting process, can clubs be supported more with helping them to find the best candidates possible to take the club forward into the next academic year. Likewise, outlining the expectations of committee members and the role expectation before they formally agree to taking the position.

We did = Not Started

8. Communication Review To Team Surrey

You said = Communication across Team Surrey can come in various forums and formats through various members of staff. This makes it challenging at times to ensure that all responsibilities of clubs are completed inline with agreed deadlines.

We did = Messaging formats have been agreed in the following ways. Microsoft Teams for quick enquires, whereas committee shared emails are used when more people need to be copied in or the issue is more important (financial). A monthly newsletter is also shared with all committee members to share key information/past successes and highlight any upcoming tasks.

9. Annual Planning For Team Surrey – Future Dates

You said = Some dates of annual events changed year on year and clashed at times with other scheduled events which subsequently impacts the student experience.

We did = Team Surrey have implemented an annual plan which is shared with various stakeholders across the sports park and students union to ensure that we are aligned with the yearly events and initiatives taking place. We are also working with the students union staff on strengthening the VP Activity handover process to ensure that the incoming VP Activity can impact the programme as early as possible.