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The weekend of 10th and 11th February saw the home nations all come together to battle it out to see who would be crowned champions of the British Isles Indoor Bowling Women’s Under-25 International Series. Having trialled back in December in Nottingham, this series was highly-anticipated as England looked to reclaim the title back off of Scotland. After being selected at the trials to be in the squad, I was two in our rink, with Imogen Jenner leading, myself at two, Elly McCubbin at three, and Emily Kernick at Skip.

We went into this Series determined and confident, with a fresh and new Management team behind us. With Lorraine Kuhler as our manager, and Sandy Hazell and Kirsty Hembrow as our selectors, and Carl Higgins supporting us, making all the arrangements, and dealing with all the live-scoring, we had a wealth of experience and knowledge backing us and supporting us every step of the way. The team talks (and Dobble battles!) fuelled us all to be the best we could be.

Having arrived in Belfast on Friday, our game was Saturday morning against Wales, and the atmosphere in itself was immense. It was tight all the way, but we pulled a lead and came out with a 28-shot win. Next was against Ireland on Saturday afternoon, and yet again we performed well with a good atmosphere, and pulled out a 56-shot win.

Going into Sunday, we knew we were up against a strong Scottish side, and our team talk the night prior prepared us for this. It was a tight game every step of the way, and even when we were 28 down with only a total of 24 ends to play, we fought back and brought this difference down to 7 in it, still with ends to play, and we gave our everything. Sadly, it was not meant to be, but we were all so proud of how we came back and were in with a fighting chance.

To experience a Series is incredible. It is every sportsperson’s dream to represent their country, and it is like no other. It makes you more determined to continue winning county and national competitions to be recognised and to represent your country once again. The season hasn’t ended yet though, as recently my team and I qualified for the National Triples in Nottingham in April, as well as still some other comps left!