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This monthly publication is the central hub for all SurreyMoves+ information including the latest announcements, new challenges & rewards, and user statistics. Here’s what you can expect from this month’s edition…

  1. Monthly user statistics
  2. Latest challenges and rewards for June
  3. Introduction to our Moves+ Motivators
  4. Sporting Journeys Survey – win an Amazon voucher!

Remember, if you have any feedback or questions about SurreyMoves+, please do not hesitate to contact us at surreymoves@surrey.ac.uk.


SurreyMoves+ users stepped up to deliver another month of strong activity despite the often inconsistent weather throughout May! We saw 98 new users sign up to our platform during the month, while there was a notable increase on our swimming stats as users swam 232,516 metres compared to 129,959 in the previous month.


We are delighted to say that we will be donating a total of £368 to Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group after SurreyMoves+ users donated points for pounds in May. For every 500 points redeemed through the donation reward, we gave £1 to the charity who help shape a future where all children survive and live happy, independent lives. Visit the CCLG website to find out more about this extremely worthwhile cause.


We launched two new strands of challenges at the start of the month with further challenges due to become live on the app during the month! Don’t forget there are also activity-specific challenges available within Groups throughout May.

Here’s an overview of what’s available…


This challenge is delivered in partnership with your Students Union sabbatical officers and there are three vouchers up for grabs for the best entries! Here’s what you need to do in order to enter…

– Complete the 42,000 step count by 20th June

– Take a photo of a view while completing your steps and upload it to your Instagram story using #TakeAView and tag @ussu_vpactivity@ussu_vpcommunity or @ussu_vpsupport!

Maya, Aaron and Izzy will then select the best three entries who will be awarded a voucher of their choice worth £15 for first place, £10 for second place and £5 for third place. You can only submit one photo per day and there is no editing allowed!


There is a challenge for each of these activity types already underway:

– High Step Count! Back by popular demand, this walking challenge asks you to complete 240,000 steps during May in order to earn a bumper 240 bonus points.

– Cruise Through June! Our May cycling challenge asks you to complete 30 miles before June 30th.

– Dive Into June! Swim 1,000 metres in May to complete this challenge. To count, these metres must be logged on a waterproof wearable tracker.



Our May running challenge is due to run between June 14th and June 23rd! Join on Monday and complete a total of 10km in 10 days to gain 40 bonus points.


You can use your SurreyMoves+ points to claim rewards online or on campus! A host of new rewards have just arrived on the app this month…


You can now reward yourself with a SurreyMoves+ branded drawstring gym bag when you redeem 3,000 points.


Visit the Bench Bar at Surrey Sports Park to get 50% off Bench Bowls! There are three options available including The Med, The Rainbow Bowl and The Green Goddess. This discount will cost you just 1,000 points on the app.

You can also now get £3 off a Courgette Tart at the Bench Bar. This is listed on the menu at a price of £5.75.


Following the success of our CCLG donation reward, we are now raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society during Brain Awareness Month in June. This month provides the opportunity to hold a conversation about the brain, and share the fact that Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are a major public health issue.


It’s time to meet our three SurreyMoves+ Motivators who will be helping us spreading the word about the app among their peers and also supporting us in engaging with underrepresented groups on campus.

Are you passionate about physical activity? Can you spread the word among your peers and fellow society members? We’re still on the look-out for Motivators and you can register your interest HERE.



What is your role/what course do you do?​

I am a second year PhD student at the Vet School.

Why did you apply to be a Moves Motivator?​

I am a fan of the app. It has helped me so much in keeping active during the lockdown and, since it has been so positive for me, I want to share my experience so that everyone around me can get to feel its benefits too.

What do you like about Moves?​

The extra motivation I get by the small rewards just for keeping moving. It also creates a healthy competitiveness amongst your friends to keep on active.

Has Moves impacted your physical activity levels and how?​

Yes! It has motivated me to start jogging with the Challenges and, what’s more difficult, to keep it constant.

What do you like doing physical activity-wise?​

I try to walk as much as I can, going to and from Uni by walking. I am also planning on retaking some fitness classes and individual swimming.

What are your top tips for being physically active?​

Set personal goals according to your level of fitness. No matter your level, everyone can set an adequate goal to keep up with their rhythm.

What do you hope to achieve through being a Moves+ Motivator?

To encourage the regular use of the SurreyMoves app with people around me by comparing our progress, and setting group challenges.

What is your role/what course do you do?​

I am a first going into second year Law and International Relations student and I will be a motivator for Moves+!

Why did you apply to be a Moves+ Motivator?​

I applied as part of a society committee requirement and discovered what the role is about and found a big interest in the role.

What do you like about Moves+?​

Since I am very active in general I love Moves+ for its challenges and rewards, and that there is no catch in the process. Its simply walk and get free things!

Has Moves impacted your physical activity levels and how?​

I would say that Moves+ has mostly helped me with setting goals to achieve challenges.

What do you like doing physical activity-wise?​

I like running, going to the gym, and love nature walks and exploring.

What are your top tips for being physically active?​

My tips for staying active is having a schedule and having specific training times that you follow.

What do you hope to achieve through being a Moves+ Motivator?

I believe Moves+ has a lot of room for creating a community and helping people improve their overall health and in turn self esteem and self determination.

What is your role/what course do you do?​

Hello, I am an International Student Support Adviser, Student Experience Department.

Why did you apply to be a Moves Motivator?​

I like walking but I have been quite lazy after Covid-19.  I have encouraged myself to move more and I bought a FitBit! I am trying to utilise the watch and app to motivate myself, and I would like to encourage underrepresented groups such as BAME.  

What do you like about Moves?​

It’s great that we could get some rewards after moving. Motivation is very important!

Has Moves impacted your physical activity levels and how?​

I just started a few weeks ago and I keep checking how many steps I made.  I have been ignoring warning signs from FitBit with excuses such as working at home, but I try to move more now. 

What do you like doing physical activity-wise?​

I enjoy walking. I try to commute on foot, and it takes about 30 minutes. And I meet friends to take a walk on weekends. Since I have neck and shoulder problem, I try to take it easy with stretching. Hopefully I can do yoga after I get better! 

What are your top tips for being physically active?​

Setting a small goal would be a good idea. You do not have to start from 10,000 steps per day. Just start where you feel comfortable first such as 5000 steps per day!

What do you hope to achieve through being a Moves Motivator?

I would like to set up a weekly walking meeting with University staffs. Just a short 30-40 minutes lunch break to walk around the campus and meet other colleagues could be lovely. 


Finally, we would like to invite all SurreyMoves+ users to participate in the Sporting Journeys Survey being led by Sports Marketing Surveys. This survey aims to understand participation experiences and attitudes towards sport in each life stage.

Those who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win one of five Amazon vouchers!