Based on feedback from you, our Surrey Moves users, we’ve decided to switch to an app-based platform that’s more dynamic and user friendly.

Although we’ve had to delay our launch date of the new app due to the current circumstances, we’re working hard to bring this to you in September and we’re very excited about it! You can read our full statement here

We understand that you probably have some questions around what happens now, so we’ve gathered together a list of FAQs to help you out.


What will happen to my points?

Your points will not be carried over to the new platform, and therefore will cease to exist from 15th June. We will, however, keep a report of your points which you will be able to use to redeem a prize (prizes TBC) once we are able to purchase and distribute rewards safely

Please contact surreymoves@surrey.ac.uk if you have any further questions around your points.

Why are we moving to a new app?

The Surrey Moves app will allow both staff and students to record how active they are and connect with other individuals who also want to increase their physical activity levels. In addition, the app will allow users to exchange the points that they build up via steps walked, miles cycled or miles ran. The app is completely free of charge and all you need to do is download the ‘Moves +’ app from your devices App Store and sign up with your Surrey email address .

When will the new app be launched?

The new app was due to be rolled out in June, but due to the current situation of Covid-19 and the impact this has had on Surrey Sports Park, we intend to launch in September to ensure the best possible user experience. Surrey Sports Park has currently furloughed all staff who would be responsible for running this new app.

What fitness trackers can I use in the new app?

The app supports the following trackers:

  • Apple Health (iOS devices only) *

  • Withings / Health Mate

  • Fitbit

  • Google Fit*

*You can connect a range of other apps to both Apple Health and Google fit which are then synced throughthis integration. These include:

Garmin Connect
Nike Run Club
Run Keeper

Do I have to pay for the app?

No, the app is completely free of charge.