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Intramural Sport (IMS) leagues run weekly as part of our PlaySport programme to create the opportunity for groups of friends and societies to compete against other teams. These are friendly and fun competitions with the chance to take part in a sport you may not have tried for a while or to just enjoy playing in a social capacity.

Please note, team entries for Semester two are now closed.



Tuesday 6-a-side Football

WHEN: 8th February – 5th April 2022

WHAT: 3 divisions of 9 teams in 8 weeks of league action

PRICE: £180 per team

Sunday 11-a-side Football

WHEN: 13th February – 3rd April 2022

WHAT: 8 teams in 7 weeks of league action

PRICE: £280 per team

Thursday Netball

WHEN: 10th February – 7th April 2022

WHAT: 6 teams in 7 weeks of league action

PRICE: £180 per team

Wednesday 11-a-side Football

WHEN: 9th February – 23rd March 2022

WHAT: 8 teams in 7 weeks of league action

PRICE: £280 per team

Thursday Badminton

WHEN: 10th February – 7th April 2022

WHAT: Teams of 2 players in 8 weeks of league action

PRICE: £20 per person

Sunday Basketball

WHEN: 13th February – 27th March 2022

WHAT: 6 teams in 5 weeks of league action (one practise/team-forming session and one exclusion on 13/03)

PRICE: £20 per person

How To Join

If you are a Football or Netball Captain: Click HERE to register your interest for the Sport and IMS league that you wish to compete in. Once this is done, you will need to make the team payment to confirm the team’s registration in the league. You will then be sent a Captain’s pack detailing the next steps that you will need to complete.

If you are a Football or Netball team member: Once the captain has made the team payment, use the activity finder below to sign up to the team that you wish to participate in the IMS league with. Then the captain of that team will be able to add you to the squad. Reminder: the limits for the match-day squad size is 9 for football 6-a-side, 15 for football 11-a-side, and 10 for netball.

For Badminton players: Please send an email to detailing your interest. For Badminton, please include in the email, the name of your partner and their email address. You will then receive a payment link, and once payment is confirmed then the next steps will be detailed to you.

For Basketball players: Click HERE to fill in the Expression of Interest form. The next stage will be to attend the session on the Sunday 13th February 2022 at 12:30-14:30 in Arena A. The basketball club will then detail the next steps for you.

Don’t currently have a team? If you don’t currently have a team, don’t worry as you can still take part in the IMS leagues! We have reserved spaces in the 6-a-side league for those who don’t currently have a team. Simply click HERE to fill in the questionnaire and we will try and fit you into a team where you can still participate and make new friends at the same time. Due to limited spaces, we must operate on a first-come, first-serve basis so register your interest now!

For questions regarding any of the above, please email

Rules and Regulations

Please read the below IMS League Rules and Regulations as well as the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure before signing up to a league.

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