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For the last three and a half weeks I’ve been in South Africa as a member of the GB U25 rifle team. We have competed in the South African National Championships, the U25 Individual World Championships, the U25 Team World Championships and the Long Range World Championships.

In the national championships I finished 1st women and 30th overall.

In the u25 individual world championships, I finished 3rd, once centre behind 2nd place and two points behind 1st, with 548.48 to their 548.49 and 550.56.

We then proceeded to the U25 worlds team match where we proceeded to secure the win. We headed into the final range 3 points behind Australia in 1st place and finished 900m in 1st, 10 points clear of America in 2nd who were in turns 10 points clear of South Africa in 3rd.

In the world long range championships I finished 49th in the world and 3rd U25.

I’m particularly proud of my results after a shoulder surgery in late November where it was looking unlikely I’d be able to return to sport for 5 months.