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Only 3 BUCS Wednesdays of 2019 so come down and support your friends, housemates, course mates and teammates this afternoon!

Warm up after the game with the BUCS meal deal or a festive hot drink form Starbucks!

American Football Reading 1s Grass 12:00
Badminton (M3) Hertfordshire 2s Arena C 13:00
Badminton (W2) Essex 2s Arena C 13:00
Basketball (M2) Imperial 2s Arena A 13:00
Hockey (W3) St George’s 2s AGP2 13:00
Tennis (M1) Imperial 1s Outside courts 13:00
Tennis (M2) Sussex 2s Outside courts 13:00
Volleyball (M1) Brighton 1s Arena B 13:00
Football (M1) Sussex 1s Grass 13:30
Football (M4) Chichester 6s Grass 13:30
Rugby Union (M1) Essex 1s Grass 14:00
Rugby Union (M2) Sussex 2s Grass 14:00
Squash (M1) Heriot-Watt 1s Courts 3&4 14:00
Squash (M4) Kent 2s Courts 5&6 14:00
Squash (W4) Essex 3s Courts 1&2 14:00
Tennis (M3) Reading 2s Outside courts 14:00
Basketball (W1) Bucks New 1s Arena A 15:00
Hockey (W1) Reading 1s AGP2 15:00
Volleyball (W1) UCL 1s Arena B 15:00
Netball (1) King’s 1s Arena A 17:00
Netball (3) Portsmouth 4s Arena B 17:00
Waterpolo (M1) Essex 1s Swimming pool 17:30
Waterpolo (W1) Essex 1s Swimming pool 18:30