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This week is sure to be full of nail biting games as it marks the kick off of many cup matches,

Come along and support all your friends and teams as they battle it out for a place at the top of the BUCS tables, in the hope of bringing home the points!

Tennis (W1) Westminster 1s Outside Courts 12:00
Basketball (M1) UCL 1s Arena A 13:00
Fencing (M1) Southampton 1s Arena C 13:00
Lacrosse (W1) Reading 1s AGP1 13:00
Squash (M3) Reading 2s Courts 3&4 13:00
Squash (M4) Reading 1s Courts 5&6 13:00
Volleyball (W1) Southampton 1s Arena B 13:00
Football (M3) Chichester 5s Grass 13:30
Football (W1) Kent 1s Grass 13:30
Rugby Union (M1) Queen Mary 1s Grass 14:00
Squash (W4) Kent 1s Courts 1&2 14:00
Tennis (M1) Imperial 1s Outside Courts 14:00
Basketball (M2) Reading 1s Arena A 15:00
Hockey (W1) Bristol 2s AGP2 15:00
Lacrosse (M1) Hertfordshire 1s AGP1 15:00
Netball (3) Portsmouth 5s Outside Courts 15:00
Squash (W1) King’s 1s Courts 3&4 15:00
Volleyball (M1) Medway 1s Arena B 15:00
Netball (1) King’s 1s Arena A 17:00
Netball (2) Sussex 1s Arena B 17:00