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It’s time for another BUCS Wednesday!

This week we have a huge number of home games with teams battling it out to be top of their league! Come along and support your friends and teammates this afternoon.

Don’t forget we have the BUCS Meal Deal every Wednesday in Bench Bar for you to prepare for your game or warm up after!

Badminton (M3) Brunel 2s Arena B 13:00
Basketball (M1) East London 2s Arena A 13:00
Hockey (M2) UCL 3s AGP2 13:00
Squash (W2) LSE 1s Courts 3&4 13:00
Squash (W3) Royal Holloway 1s Courts 5&6 13:00
Tennis (M1) LSE 2s Courts 1-8 13:00
Tennis (W2) Kingston 1s Courts 1-8 13:00
Volleyball (W1) King’s 1s Arena C 13:00
Football (M2) Kingston 1s Grass 13:30
Football (M3) King’s 3s Grass 13:30
Football (W1) Kent 1s Grass 13:30
Rugby Union (M1) Queen Mary 1s Grass 14:00
Rugby Union (W1) Chichester 1s Grass 14:00
Squash (M2) St Mary’s 1s Courts 1&2 14:00
Tennis (M3) Royal Holloway 2s Courts 1-8 14:00
Hockey (W2) Brighton 2s AGP2 15:00
Lacrosse (M1) Essex 1s AGP1 15:00
Netball (4) King’s 5s Arena A 15:00
Squash (M3) King’s 2s Courts 3-6 15:00
Fencing (M1) Royal Holloway 1s Arena B 15:30
Badminton (W1) City 1s Arena A 17:00
Hockey (W1) Portsmouth 1s AGP2 17:00